Normalize Telling Girls They’re Ugly On Their Birthdays

Normalize Telling Girls They’re Ugly On Their Birthdays


The low budget Cinderella

Normalize Telling Girls they're Ugly On Their Birthdays

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. The headline has a taste of toxicity and it feels like the person who wrote this is a misogynist… If I just read your mind, my dear, quit that thought. I am not a misogynist — I don’t hate women. In fact, the case is the opposite. Haha.

At least, if you want to accuse me of being a misogynist, give me a chance by reading this brief article to the end — Maybe I’ll change your mind. I think that’s fair, innit? 

Let’s dive in.

For a long time now, maybe since when I’ve been using social media and that’s more than 7 years in contrast with the date I published this article, I’ve noticed a majority of ladies tend to be uglier on their birthdays due to the fact that they over-pamper their faces with make-up. Not just normal make-ups, they do it to the extreme.

Remember I said “majority”, not all.

Personally, I have a lot of female friends and I’ve noticed this too. Make-up is meant to be used as a beauty aid to help build up the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. But I guess it’s being misused.

Recently, one of my course mates celebrated her birthday. She’s quite a pretty lady. I mean… She must be very attractive to any guy that has a good taste for natural melanin beauty.

It’s 20 minutes past 12am in the midnight/morning; whatever you call it… I was watching how Jeremy Clarkson and friends pulled off a stunt-filled car test on my favourite YouTube channel, Top-gear.

Bzzt Bzzzt! 📳 Bzzt Bzzzt! 📳

My phone vibrated profusely, had to pause the video and slide down my notification bar to see what the vibration was all about. Found out it was her messages, then I clicked it. To my surprise, I found out it was her pictures.

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I didn’t recognize it was her at first. 

A few seconds later, she sent another message saying “It’s my birthday Tomi, these are my pre-birthday shots!”. I was like “WTH?”.

She looked so different. I mean totally different from her normal look. The make-up was too much to the extent that she was unrecognizable. Other course mates confirmed too. No hard feelings, but her face looked like a burnt pancake.

This is exactly what she looked like 😭

I bet those that did the make-up for her knew that it was really bad but they didn’t tell her since they were concerned about making their money. Or maybe their sense of reasoning wasn’t good enough to acknowledge that the make-up was terrible. I’m sure her friends would do the same and say “aww aww”. Pathetic.

I wonder how she was comfortable with it on her face. Eww… Girls 😭…

I’m someone that is usually blunt about things. I wanted to tell her she looked very terrible, but since it was her birthday; I didn’t want to make her feel bad with my words on her special day. Anyways, I replied her message with a couple of smiling and party emojis just to acknowledge her. After all, replying with emojis doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re actually feeling the concept of what the emoji is about. 


So many ladies on social media do terrible make-ups on their birthdays or on random occasions but people flatter them with sweet words so they can feel good about it or feel like a refurbished Cinderella.

Most times, I think the motivation behind these terrible make-ups is to impress a guy, maybe. Moreover, studies found out that men prefer ladies with little or less makeup. Yes, that’s right. But studies have also found out that women don’t care… 😂

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The thing is, I don’t condemn make-up at all. It’s very Cinderella-ish when used properly, not heavily. But as a guy who doesn’t like too much Senrenre, I like it when it’s as simple as possible. In such a way that I’ll be able to recognize my lady from 10 miles away. Perfecto! 

“Senrenre” is a Nigerian slang meaning unnecessary ceremony or time-wasting.

Another thing is, I’ve seen in so many Nigerian movies how women delay men with dressing and make-ups when they’re about to go to an event together. I don’t want to ever be caught up in such a situation of delay. LOL. Time management is one of my priorities.

Sneak peek: My opinion doesn’t really matter dear. Rock your makeup as much as you want, as long as you’re happy with it. 😊

Before I round this up, there’s something that’s always been bothering my mind for so long. And it’s still about this birthday of a thing. 

I don’t understand why most ladies do a lot of senrenre on this so-called birthday thing. I mean, they do pre-birthday shoots, birthday showers, day & night parties, and all other glamming things like that. It’s not even your 50th birthday.

O need gbogbo eleyi nah. Ko necesstry my dear, O need ẹ rara 😂. 

If you don’t understand those, please use Google translate. ✌️

I’ve been hearing lately that some ladies use their birthdays as a means to make money. Fundraising to be precise. They start billing people 2 months before their birthday to contribute so as to make the celebration a big one. Cool business if you ask me. 😂

One thing is, these glamorous birthday celebrations ladies do is not a bad thing, neither is it a crime. As long as they’re happy doing it and it gives them inner peace, we should all be cool with it. Everyone deserves to be happy. Life is great, I tell you.

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Finally. Please, I’m begging on behalf of everyone. Stop sending your pre-birthday shoots to everyone on your contact list! Only send it to them when they ask for it. Adhere to simple ethics, stop being a nuisance dear. 

And don’t forget to look beautiful while rocking that stunning makeup on your next birthday dear! 

Am I still a misogynist? Guess not. LOL. 

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