9 Apps That Guarantee Daily Productivity

9 Apps That Guarantee Daily Productivity

As humans, we strive to be better and to be more productive than ever. On average, we spend about 8 hours of our each day working and our mobile phone serves as a major tool in our day-to-day activities.

On the long-run, we fall into some traps that serve as distractions like social media and games. I’m not saying social media and games are bad, my point is that majority of these things takes a lot of our time and makes us less productive. After all, we use a mobile phone to make lots of things easier for us. It shouldn’t be an antagonist against our productivity.

There are hundreds of productive apps on the two most used app stores (Google PlayStore & Apple App store), but I have managed to pick 9 great apps and their similar alternatives that will ensure you more daily productivity, and surely give you a good value for your time.

Before I talk about these 9 productive apps with you, I’d like to share with you some of the importance of utilizing Google for daily productivity.

Almost everyone that has a smartphone uses the Google app, but only a few people utilize Google to the horizons of what it has to offer. Personally, I use Google as my daily driver and it has been of great benefit in so many ways.

My friends usually feel I’m the smarter one — most of the times, but deep down I know it’s literally Google that makes me smarter. Most people don’t use Google often and that’s poor because they have the opportunity to access any information they need at any time. Though, I understand very well that it can’t answer all questions because life itself is a big question that Google can’t answer.

Google has answers to most of our day-to-day questions. So, stop that act of always bothering people with your questions and use Google more.

Google as a company is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and they’ve managed to improve the Google app and other Google services consistently for each user’s best advantage and productivity.

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So, I urge you reading this article to use Google and its services more. You might think I’m a sales guy for Google, no I’m not. I’m just being vehement about your productivity.

Now, Most of these productive apps I’m going share with you are free but some of them have In-app purchases, but I guarantee they’ll give you more value for your time.

Here we go:


This app is the most ranked “To-Do List” app at the moment. It organizes all your tasks and subtasks in one place. It allows you to set daily reminders and place them based on their priorities. It shows you a visualization of your productivity and you can also share the workload with family members or colleagues as you wish.

© todoist.io

Todoist allows you to synchronize between different devices. It supports platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and the web.

Alternative Apps: Trello, Asana, and Redbooth.


If you’re someone that loves keeping fit and doing home workouts, this app is for you. FitOn allows you to access a free and personalized workout plan at your own convenience. It lets you set fitness goals from time to time.

© Appadvice.com

You can also access unlimited classes with major celebrities on the app. With FitOn app, you’ve got a full gym in your pocket for free.

Alternative Apps: Fitloop, Racefully, and Gymphy.


Evernote is an app majorly for taking note. It has other fascinating features like saving web pages, images and voice notes. With this third app on my list, you can chat and share notes with your colleagues. It works seamlessly both on the app and web.

© Macworld.com

Evernote continuously saves every piece of note on the cloud, so you shouldn’t worry about losing a note. The most intriguing part of its amazing features is that it allows you to draw shapes, arrows, quick sketches and edit rich texts.

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Alternative Apps: Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, and Bear.


The fourth app on my list seems to look like a social network but it really isn’t, it is a visual discovery search engine. If you’re looking for an app that will always give you inspirations, Pinterest is the perfect answer. The app, which CEO Ben Silbermann has called a place to “get ideas for your real-life”.

© Digitalinformationworld.com

This app allows you to search for different inspirations in various categories of images. There are billions of inspirational images on Pinterest to ignite your ideas.

Alternative Apps: Juxtapose, Dribbble, and Mamby.


Forest is a behavioural psychology app that helps you go phone-free by inspiring you to plant trees on the app, not real life trees. It is majorly designed to submerge phone addiction and help users focus on their daily activities.

© Trees.com

By spending more time away from the phone, forest help users to be efficiently productive and obviously reduces phone addiction. Its in-app purchase costs $1.99, but it’s still a bang for the buck.

Alternative Apps: Stay focused and Any.do.


You might have probably heard of this amazing messaging app before, it is an app that is basically used for communications in workplaces. It is designed to replace emails as the primary mode of communication and sharing.

© Businessinsider.com

With over 8 million users on the platform, Slack is the perfect app you need to collaborate with colleagues without missing any single piece of information. It allows you to create channels and classify your conversations based on projects and tasks.

Alternative Apps: Microsoft teams, Discord, and Flock.


It seems to be a cloudy or sunny day and you don’t know if it’s necessary to take your umbrella, AccuWeather is the precise app for your quest. This weather app is used by over 1.5B people in the world today, and it is even featured on some major TV stations.

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AccuWeather iOS 9 App

This app gives you all the weather information you need for your perfectly planned day. There are numerous weather apps out there, but not all will keep you warm or dry. AccuWeather is the most reliable weather forecast service globally.

Alternative Apps: Google Weather, Forecastle, and Weathermate.

Adobe Scan

With Adobe Scan app, you have a scanner in your back pocket. You don’t need to get worried about losing or keeping your unarranged paper files. With your phone’s camera, you can turn those paper-works in PDFs. It scans anything with a snap and you filter your scanned files from colour to grayscale and to whiteboard.

© Cnet.com

Adobe Scan app also scans business cards and allows you to put your signature on any file you want. It is indeed a scanner in your back pocket.

Alternative Apps: Scanbot, Office Lens, and CamScanner.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is not just on laptops and tablets anymore, it now runs on mobile devices. This all-in-one app allows you to edit and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go. It also lets you scan files into documents. It lets you capture notes and ideas too.

© Microsoft.com

With Microsoft Office, you have the most used tools for working with documents on your phone. The Microsoft Office app is designed to be your go-to app to get work done on a mobile device, whether for personal or professional uses.

Alternative Apps: WPS Office and Google Docs.

With the utilization of each of these apps, you’re guaranteed to be more productive daily. Be productive!

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