Doings or Fugazzi?

Doing or Fugazzi?

The power of influence

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We live in a crazy world, I know you agree. However, I believe the world is now known to be in three verses. Reality, social media, and the Metaverse. Let’s ignore the Metaverse, which has only been around for a short time.

Let’s talk about real life and social media. This has always been highly controversial. But let’s take it to the next level. Let’s talk about the people that actually do the do and those that cap about doing the do.

Think about it this way.

Social media is so bizarre that anyone can show up on your timeline and give you the impression that they have something which they don’t. But, most of the time, it’s up to you to accept if they’re telling the truth or not.

Doings or Fugazzi

For example, the last time I posted on Facebook was on my last birthday. That was a long time ago. Assume I go to a nice location, find a beautiful car or probably borrow one of my relatives’ cars, sit in the driver’s seat while holding the key, take nice pictures, and post them on my page with a motivational caption and key emojis.

I bet you, almost every one of my Facebook friends who sees that post would think I own the car. That’s how simple it is for anyone to make a fake impression on social media.

These days, many individuals do things like these and people dey drink am like zobo.

Very cold zobo

People dey really lie for this country my guy.

Remember this lady on Twitter that said a guy regularly sends her 2 million kpa and when she asked him how to fish too, he then sends her another 7 million kpa.

Dj Yk mule… You know the rest.

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Haba na. But who I am to say she’s lying? I no wan collect abeg.

But, to be honest, it all boils down to the people who feed on these lies. I’m referring to the people who actually believe any ‘Lamba’ that appears on their timelines. This illustrates how simple it is for anyone to share false, manipulated facts online, and how people will effortlessly feed on it.

Lies are all around you, fam. In fact, the world was built on lies and unsubstantiated facts. Most of the time, the truth has always been kept in the shadows.

Quick fact: The Vatican has secret archives that only a few people have access to. It is proposed to have kept some unreleased parts of the Bible and true stories of things that have happened throughout history.

Oh dear, the world is built on lies.

Back to the matter at hand.

On social media, there are four types of people.

  1. The ones that Impress.
  2. The ones that do the do.
  3. The ones that feed on any banging story. (The Delusional)

And then there are people like me lmao

  1. The ones that observe.
Doings or fugazzi

These people can also be cross-sectional. I mean, I can be an observer and be doing doings too lmao. You can also be an Odogwu who enjoys impressing others. E dey happen.

The delusional people are always the victims. They easily feed on any hot gist that seems to be true. In my books, they’re the dumbfucks.

Believe it or not, doings are done in real life. You won sabi the people wey actually get this money? Na real life you go sabi am. Well, the doer may decide to clout it on social media but nothing changes the fact that it’s done in real life.

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I believe we’ll never really know what’s fake and what’s true to be true on social media until some other person calls them out about their lies or when we found out what’s true by ourselves. But who get that time to dey find wetin no lost abeg. Some proposed facts just need to be left the way they are, please.

All of this equates to the influence we have on one another as humans. We have the ability to influence others without even realizing it. People are influenced by the images, stories, tweets, and videos you share.

Some of the people you have as friends, followers, and contacts on social media apps aren’t particularly close to you. When you post things (especially if it is unclear to them), they tend to form their own opinions and thoughts about it, which they believe to be true to themselves. Think about it.

You could, for example, post a photo of yourself with the opposite sex. Someone on your list may mistakenly believe that they are your new partner. The person has made an opinion about what you posted and believes it to be true. It is that easy for people to make assumptions and believe that their assumptions are correct.

You can also have a substantial number of followers and you post a product you like or even a political view. Someone might think you were paid to post it. But you weren’t paid to post it. It happens.

But you get my point now. I know you do. You’re bright.

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This is what brands and large corporations have been able to capitalize on — “The power of influence”. They know what to do, how-to, and where to influence you. They understand the power we have as humans to influence each other. Why do you think businesses love to use influencers for promotion.

That is why Kanye West has gotten people to buy Balenciaga fashion wears, despite the fact that they are not particularly beautiful or innovative. However, because Kanye West wears them, everyone wants to wear them as well.

Balenciaga, to me, is simply a social experiment to see if people will buy expensive things even if they are ugly.. Lol.

Ending this. We all have direct/indirect influences on each other. You have the power to influence someone.

I am not going to teach you not to believe everything you see on social media. And I’m not going to tell you what and what not to put on social media. You’re old enough to figure that out yourself.

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These are fact about life these days but we children on nowadays don’t want to believe it.
MAY God help us all👀

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Bitter truths ❤️

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