Nigerian By Birth, Chinese By Loan

Nigerian By Birth, Chinese By Loan


Nigeria is mad by DESIGN.

Lagos, Nigeria. 1960s.

It is always said that Nigeria is the giant of Africa, and I think everybody is tired of hearing it. I think it’s about time for a rethink. Let’s be frank, Nigeria isn’t the giant of Africa, this country isn’t close to what a great nation is about. But guess who the giants of Africa are, it’s we Nigerians.

For the past 60 years, Nigeria has been a nation that has always had great people who consistently make history and go beyond limits. When it comes to skills and brains, we’re practically number one in the world. There is no field in the world where we have not made our marks, just name any field, I can boast that Nigerians are making waves there.

However, there has always been a “But”. There has always been something that has been hindering us from reaching our highest potential for decades. I think you already know what it is. Yes, BAD LEADERSHIP. Two words that slaps really had. Two words that have had an impact on every one of us, including the elites.

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For several years, the leaders of this country, especially those in government have always been a stumbling block to our collective progress as a Nation. In Nigeria, we serve our leaders, our leaders don’t serve us. The problem of Nigeria is the unwillingness or inability of our leaders to rise to responsibilities.

Notwithstanding, I can also argue that our problem has always been a two-way problem. Both leaders and citizens are stakeholders of the nation, and therefore we’re all guilty of the failure of this nation. Nigerians rarely hold their leaders accountable for their misconduct. Lowkey, I’ll say a majority of Nigerians worship their leaders.

Nigeria is a joke.

Sometimes I feel God created Nigeria when he was joking because our country is a complete joke. At times, when you read about what’s going on in the country, you’ll think Nigeria is actually a Nollywood movie.

One of the dictionary definitions of a joke is a person or something that is insanely inadequate. Tell me, is Nigeria adequate? What is adequate about and in Nigeria? Unarguably, every single sector in Nigeria is a joke.

Talking about the people, we are a country that likes to fight for God but cannot fight for their rights. I guess we’re a holy nation and a peculiar people after all. Haha. This is evident in the way religious people in our country react to the problems of our nation. And that’s one of our problems, we’re too religious and it’s killing us. Except for this new generation that has broken from the shackles of “Suffering and smiling”. Yeah, my generation. I’m proud!

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Youths protesting at the Lekki Toll gate
Youths protesting at the Lekki Toll gate

Just like the title says, one funny thing about being a Nigerian is that you’re Nigerian by birth, but Chinese by loan. Hilarious, isn’t it? Let’s be frank, it’s a fact.

I spoke to a friend who is very conversant with government reports, he made me realize that the loans that China keeps lending Nigeria might take about 50 years to pay off. As a popular comedian said, Chinese will soon be our second official language. Funny, but there’s a point in what he said.

The funniest part is that there is no such indication that the borrowed money is spent well except the railways they’ve been building across the country.

The Railways.

How will you keep building railways in the north when it’s actually the south that needs it the most. I don’t want to sound tribalistic, but we need to be rational when making decisions. Take Lagos for example, for years, the state government hasn’t been able to solve its traffic problem.

The special assistant to President Buhari on Digital and New Media.

If railway metros are built in Lagos—connecting other neighbouring states, and even south-south states, the traffic problem in Lagos will be solved in quick time. Plus, the government will be able to generate a lot of revenue in Lagos because of its population and they’ll be able to pay back the loans in a few years. I just feel we have a government that does not think.

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Last month, the news media reported that the government is planning to build a railway from Niger Republic to Abuja. What kind of idea is that? Of what economic importance is Niger Republic to Nigeria? Maybe they want to start bringing in bandits from Niger Republic because there is no sense in that.

Buhari Promised Peace In Mali.

Really? This has to be the joke of the century. A president that always expresses shock over terrorist attacks, banditry, corruption, mass murder, and insecurity promised to restore peace in another country. How do you promise peace in someone’s home when yours is on fire? What kind of damage control is that?

Politicians are the same all over, they promise to build a bridge even where there’s no river.


Nikita Khrushchev
We are tired of restructuring.

In previous years, the government has always promised restructuring. The restructuring propaganda is just a complete blatant lie, nothing has been done to restructure the system. We are tired of baseless promises. We want actions, not restructuring. Sack who needs to sacked, prosecute who needs to be prosecuted. Just take proper actions, we are tired.

The new generation.

You see, Nigeria is like being on an airplane that has been taken over by hijackers. You don’t want to compromise with the gunmen, but the prime concern is to land the plane. So there is no choice but to give in.

But you see this young generation, we will never give in. We will keep fighting for what’s ours. They sent hoodlums to disrupt our protests, they made the media dumb to our cries, the president threatened us in his speech, they tried to label us as violent people while knowing we kept the protests peaceful, and they also forced us off the streets. We will not back down until our cries are heard and until actions are taken. We are coming back to the streets if the right things are not done.

Soro Soke generation
Mimi Of Lagos
America is not coming to save us.

Yes, America is not coming to save us. The world is concentrated on the US presidential elections. Our stories are hardly talked about in international news. As a matter of fact, Nigeria is not contributing to anything globally. So we’re not much of a concern.

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The United Nations is not coming to save us.

We’ve watched Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Congo suffer from crises for years, nothing was done in those countries. We need to understand that nobody is coming to save us, this is our fight alone.

The Next General Elections.

The 2023 elections are basically on everyone’s mind, we all want to vent our anger and politically bench these useless politicians in power. But I bet you, If we don’t take proper steps now, we will be shocked in 2023. We will still see these same politicians using the Senate as a retirement home. We will see the next president use his party stakeholders as members of his cabinet.

No matter how far a village is, ballot box will get there but development won’t.

Pete edochie

If we don’t want that to happen, we must start demanding our voter’s cards now. Not 3 months to the elections. We must monitor all INEC practices and make sure they don’t give underages and minors voter’s cards as they did in the north a few months to the previous general elections.

Even Jesus Christ cannot conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria.

Olusegun Obasanjo

It’s time to change that Obasanjo’s orientation.

Do You Hate Politics? 

If you hate politics, it’s time to get involved! Be a member of your local political party, attend their meetings, engage with the community, and encourage people to vote. Go local, educate people about what’s going on and let them realize why their votes are important.

If possible, run for an office. Politics isn’t as bad as you think, Nigerian politicians just make it look dirty. Get organized, assemble a campaign team, file a candidacy form, build a campaign plan, build a support system, and raise campaign funds.

It’s not necessarily you join a new political party. Join the big dogs (APC/PDP), Scatter things from within. Yes, scatter things—with sense. If we don’t eradicate them, we’ll continue to have problems in this country.

A new Nigeria.

We all want Nigeria to be a utopian nation—A perfect society that works for every citizen. To achieve that, we must work collectively as citizens to wipe out every incompetent statesman in power, not minding religion, political views, and tribalism.

I believe that if the people of Nigeria put these measures into motion, the nation’s situation will get better. Nigeria is our country, and with combined effort, we can rebuild it.

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Until a mad reform is done.. Nigeria can’t be any better


Nigeria will not change until the government is purged of corruption


A Greater Nigeria?… I don’t see one to be honest, I’m tired of being tired of trying to even think if it’s possible, For everytime you think we cant go low, we just keep digging
Very Pathetic 😒😒😒


Who here agrees with me that THE AFRICAN UNION (AU) is the most useless and unwarranted organisation to be created, amidst what’s going on all over Africa, they are just looking like they don’t even knw their primary function, what am I even saying sef?… They don’t even knw their primary function….

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