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5 Things To Do When Your Partner Breaks Up With You

5 Things To Do When Your Partner Breaks Up With You

You see, in this generation, relationships and breakups are like bread and butter. You don’t need to lie to yourself, that person you’re dating is not really your life partner, it’s just your turn. If you understand this, you’ll get to realize that...

Detty December

8 Ways To Make Enough Money For Detty December

As a proper Nigerian, finishing the year with so much money in your account is a very big deal. I’m very sure you can’t wait to pepper dem this December. You can’t wait to show-off to that babe turned you down because you...

Tomilola Shitta

Tomilola Shitta is a creative writer that loves to portray his life's experiences in every piece. He's also a techpreneur, speaker, and life coach. Tomilola is very passionate about personal development and he's committed to helping young people achieve their dreams.


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